We are working hard to..


  • Create a policy climate within which teachers are trusted and supported;

  • Promote a self-directed and varied approach to teacher CPD;

  • Bring about real recognition of the problems facing teachers;

  • Demonstrate that these problems result from policy decisions by successive governments;

  • Show that policy decision-making involving teachers can also solve these problems;

  • Champion a new, networked profession more immune to exploitation;

  • Free teachers to teach by minimising workload and rethinking accountability.


Bringing together a dedicated and vocal group of academics and practitioners to make the case for a professional status that reflects teachers' worth and permeates the culture of education in the UK. Publishing the Flip the System UK book to collect our disparate voices.

Publicly responding to daily developments in education news through press, social media, and blogs, and making it our business to attend every education policy conference to press the agenda.  Asking the difficult questions, and listening carefully to the answers.

Working hard to give teachers a voice in their own profession, and making sure we stand for all teachers, whatever gender, colour, age, political leaning or preferred teaching style. Promoting a positive but realistic image of teachers and school staff wherever possible.


Getting involved in educational research and development.  Recognising the benefits and the limits of a research-based profession.  Helping to connect teachers and researchers across the field of education.

Reaching out to teachers everywhere and asking them what to change and how. Knowing that together, we have the solutions. Stimulating professional, informed debate and respecting everyone's opinion.

We cannot go on.  Too many lives are being ruined by a profession that does not listen or take care of its own.  We are for flipping that system.  Ask not what you can do for education, but what educaton can do for you.